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My best-friend

My life long best friend.

When I was about 10 years old I lived in a small town in Tennessee.

One day a new family moved in across the street. I was excited because there were kids my age moving in!

The next few days I saw a girl her name was Stephanie and she was 8 years old.

The first day of school we got on the bus and Stephanie and i started talking. Well i am now 30 and we are still best friends.

We have both moved from that small town got married and started families of our own.

We have drifted apart a few times but we somehow always find a way to get together and its as if we never spent any time apart.

When Stephanie got married to her husband Neil he went into boot-camp right away and Stephanie and I spent a whole summer together. I was 24 and I had my first two children. That summer is still so unforgettable. We had not seen each other in 5-6 years, but it was like we were still kids and time had not passed.

five years ago She called me to tell me she was expecting her first child. I was so excited Stephanie was about to become a mother and I was going to take her first maternity pictures!!

She had a little boy a couple of days after thanksgiving. the little guy is so handsome and one of my favorite nephews.

Fast forward to today. Stephanie and Neil are expanding their family again. This time they are having twin girls!!!!

As soon as Stephanie called me i knew something was up. she said "guess what brittany?"

I squealed your pregnant!!

Of corse she said yes. Immediately I said I get to do your maternity pictures again right!?

I was so happy 5 years after the first maternity session I did for Stephanie I get to do another maternity session for her.

I never had a sister as i am the only child, but Stephanie has become more then just a best friend she is my sister. her children are not just Stephanie's they are my nieces and nephew.

Our family has had our ups and downs. times where we don't talk for months or even see each other for years, but our bond is something that can't be broken.

a 20 year friend ship is a hard thing to get rid of.

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