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A Woman


A woman is explained to be hard to read or hard to understand she sends mixed signals, she says one thing and means another.


A woman is Strong.

A woman's heart starts off open then after being hurt by the ones she loves most starts to harden. It takes time to open it back up.

A woman is a Lioness.

A woman will always run in-front of a speeding bullet for the ones she loves. She will do everything to protect her loved ones.

A woman is Fierce.

A woman makes her own money. She knows how to get things done. She knows if she doesn't no one else will. She takes care of her.

A woman is Beauty.

A woman is born with a beauty that strangers will never see. She has a beauty that shows on the outside to some and a beauty on the inside that only her closest friends will ever see.

A woman is Stunning.

A woman is created to be impressive. She is attractive to only the ones she wants to let see her shine.

A woman may be confusing, she may send mixed signals, she says one thing and mean another. A woman will always be.......






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