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Who said kids have all the fun?

Who said kids have all the fun?

Everyone already knows adulting is hard. Sometime we adults just want to be kids again. What better way then to have your very own Cake Smash Session?

We call this an Adult Cake Smash Session, because oh yes we get to include adult things. Like adult beverages, dirty works, and we can eat ALL the cake and our mommy can't say NO.

This young lady is turning 24 and decided she wanted to join in on the fun of celebrating her birthday a little different. She wanted to do an Adult Cake Smash Session. We decided to do her session outside, she loves sunflowers, pink, drinking patron, and wanted to be a princess for the afternoon.

Now knowing everything she liked and all the ideas she had given me we set out and made our Adult Smash Cake Session happen. We took pretty before shots of our princess. We made sure we had our patron

We had everything we needed for a clean up after she smashed the cake.

Finally we brought out the beautiful strawberry pink cake fit for a princess. In perfect princess fashion she started eating the cake slowly not wanting to get messy, but she couldn't help it the cake was so good she just went for it. She picked the cake up and put her face strait into the cake. Then she had her hand all in the cake saying over and over again it's so good, it's so good.

If you or anyone you know is interested in doing your own Adult Smash Cake Session contact me at

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